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Welcome to Orgasmic Meditation, a partnered practice designed to develop your capacity to feel and connect with others. OM is scientifically backed with 7 peer reviewed studies that show OM improves intimacy and emotional health.

With this 15 minute practice, you can experience the benefits for yourself.

    • Increase your attention, focus, and awareness
    • Access more energy and vitality
    • Develop a deeper sense of empathy and connectedness
    • Gain confidence in a safe and repeatable practice

Become one of the thousands who practice OM worldwide.

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"It could one day be prescribed by doctors just like other therapies"
"The result is incredibly empowering."
"OM Can Put the Intimacy Back in Your Relationship."
"For the first time ever, I was able to concentrate on the sensation of being touched..."

What People Are Saying About OM

Your Consultation Includes

  • Talk to a 7+ year practitioner on why OM improves connection

  • Q&A on how OM can enrich your life 

  • What a training package includes and how to start

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Aubrey Fuller

The Science of Orgasmic Meditation

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7 peer-reviewed studies on OM, conducted by leading institutions including Thomas Jefferson University, show:

  • OM increases affective range, improving positive emotions and decreasing negative emotions

  • Both partners showed increased heart rate variability (HRV), an indicator of resilience to stress

  • OM produces brain activity similar to a “oneness” experience among women

  • OM produces brain activity similar to a “flow state” experience among men

  • OM has benefits for people with trauma 

For more information on the Science of OM, visit the Institute of OM Foundation.

Marissa Ward
Marissa Ward
Marissa is passionate about guiding people to live fully expressed. Since 2015, she has held a Master Level Coach certification through OneTaste. Using her degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies and bringing her expertise in relationships and interpersonal dynamics, Marissa has taught thousands of individuals across the United States and Europe how to live more fulfilled lifestyles through Orgasmic Meditation and Eros principles. Marissa has worked with a diverse range of adults, from business executives to couples to artists. For the last two years, she’s also taught Art of Soulmaking curriculum to incarcerated individuals in jails and prisons throughout California with an organization that serves marginalized populations.
Aubrey Fuller
Aubrey Fuller
Aubrey is skilled at taking people into their involuntary (the place where we are who we are beyond facade and script) and is known for her keen intuition and care in working with people to reveal their true brilliance. Teaching people Orgasmic Meditation roots her into a sense of purpose and a daily feeling of usefulness. Once a shy introvert without much of a voice – her power a mere potential – she is now a bright, brilliant woman and representative of Eros in the world. Aubrey holds a certification from OneTaste as a Master Coach and OM Trainer and was also an instructor in various OneTaste cities. She specializes in OM Training, Art of Intimacy, and Art of Connection.
Hesham Hauter
Hesham Hauter
Hesham is gifted in helping people get in touch with what they feel and bringing that out into expression. His specialty is working with men to have them see that true strength is vulnerability, courage, honesty and openness. This includes his work with Correctional Officers to help them process the intense moments in their work that impact their mental health. Hesham specializes in the Art of Intimacy and Art of Soulmaking, and holds a certification from OneTaste as a Master Coach and OM Trainer.
Caryn Roth
Caryn Roth
Caryn has a master’s degree in Public Health in Biomedical Informatics. Caryn lost her mother when she was young and was always looking for someone or something external to fill the void. She followed the path that she thought would lead to happiness – prestigious job, nice house, relationship – but even with these external signifiers of success, felt like something was missing. She eventually stumbled on Orgasmic Meditation, which opened the path of Eros and brought her the intimacy with life that she had been craving. She uses her empathy and deep listening skills to guide others on the path of Eros and creates a safe and loving space to draw out their brilliance and self-possession. In addition to OM training, Caryn specializes in guiding people through Art of Intimacy, Art of Justice and Art of Addiction.
Agnieszka Clavel
Agnieszka Clavel
Agnieszka has been studying Eros for seven years. She has learned experientially how to embrace a sense of womanhood without compromising herself in a relationship. She is passionate about her friendships with women and the importance of them in a woman’s life. Agnieszka feels that sisterhood is the backbone of a fulfilled life and lives the feminine truth that all power is shared power. Agnieszka has a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and has held positions such as personal assistant, student coordinator for the Unconditional Freedom Project nonprofit, and as a OneTaste Certified Coach. She has the ability to meet people precisely in the location they find themselves and intuit the hidden aspects of them and the keys they need. The courses she specializes in are OM Training, Art of Soulmaking, and Art of Intimacy.
Nancy Coleman
Nancy Coleman
Nancy holds a master’s degree in Psychology and a certification with OneTaste as a Master level Coach and OM Trainer. She owned a Pilates studio for 32 years and continues to teach movement in the prison system to help incarcerated individuals build balance and release stress. One of Nancy’s specialties is addiction recovery and working with individuals who desire to take a deep dive into understanding the gift of their addiction and its value. She helps people find their genius through understanding that addiction is a calling into an experience of wake-up and feeling free and happy. She enjoys guiding people in living out their soul’s path. Being yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can offer and is a way to receive continual nourishment from experiencing your own authentic expression.