Code of Conduct

Last updated August 1st, 2022


Eros Coaching Collective, LLC Coaches’ Code of Conduct

In a world of separation, Eros Coaching Collective LLC, a California limited liability (“ECC”), practices connection. We believe on the path of Eros we answer the call to awaken to our lives by fully living them. We are compelled to find unity in separation, fulfillment amidst the profane, and facility in chaos.
This Code of Conduct has been written to support this vision with skill and care. Coach means a person who undertakes ECC’ coaching program. Coaches will eventually have a Client who they coach. If a Coach violates the Code of Conduct ECC will terminate its contract with Coach. All coaches must read, acknowledge, and agree to this Code of Conduct.


The Code of Conduct follows:


 1)  OMing

We hold the vision for Client’s desires and growth. In the coaching container, Client needs to feel that Coach’s attention and teachings are motivated by Coach’s commitment to them and not for your personal benefit. This supports Clientin fully diving into the experience that Coach is facilitating.
Coaches are prohibited form OMing with any Client, whether the Client is a personal Client of the Coach or a Client of another Coach, during the entirety of any coaching package and for a year thereafter, unless the Coach has a pre-existing relationship with the Client. A Coach is prohibited from having as a Client a person with whom the Coach has a pre-existing relationship. The Coach may however OM with a Client with whom the Coach is in such pre-existing relationship.
Once a Client has completed their coaching package, and at least one year has passed, their former Coach may OM with former Client.


2)  Guidelines for Sexual and Romantic Relationships outside of Coaching 

Clients should be able to fully immerse in the experience Coaches are facilitating, without needing to give thought to the possibility of personal relationships with Clients. For this, and to avoid Clients conflating their opening and growthwith the sexual or romantic attention of Coaches, you must observe the following time frames regarding Intimate Relationships with Clients.
Coaches and Clients may not engage in sexual or romantic relationships during the entirety of any coaching package. The only exception is if Coach has a pre-existing relationship with a client. In that case, Coach would not be able to train that client in any ECC course, but could continue a pre-existing relationship with that client. 
Once a Client has completed their coaching package, and at least one year has passed, a former Coach may engage in a sexual or romantic relationship with a former Client.


3)  Practicing OM is Free

You may not OM in exchange for money or any other kind of payment. Violation of this rule may have legal implications.


4)  Maintain the Container of OM

In order to ensure consistency of Clients’ experience and expectations, Coach must strictly adhere to the Containerand Form of OM. The Container Document outlines the Form and Container of OM, please access it by using the link below:  
OM Container Document Link


5)  Teach New OMers How to Find Their Own OM Partners

Many new Students learn how to OM without a partner, which means that finding their first OM partner can be challenging. It is Coach’s responsibility to teach Clients how to find OM partners, so that finding OM partners is as straightforward and simple as possible.
Clients must ALWAYS find their own OM partners.
You must follow the guidelines in the policy at Appendix A (“How Clients Find Their Own OM Partner”).


6)  Current Certification is Required for Coaching

Coaching is a skill set which requires many hours of training and practice to master. Even our most experienced Coaches continue to hone their craft on a daily basis. To ensure the quality of coaching experiences, only Coaches certified to teach by the ECC Curriculum Director may teach using the ECC System (see the License Agreement), unless a specific exception is made by the ECC Curriculum Director. ECC has different Certification levels for coaching (see the License Agreement).


7)  Keep Sales and Sexual Intrigue Separate

Never make sexual or romantic advances or OM requests in order to assist a sale for any course.


8)  Professionalism

Act like a professional when coaching at all times.


9) ECC Supports a Sober Community

Coaches must always provide their coaching services only when fully sober.


Appendix A: How Clients Find Their Own OM Partners

 ECC teaches the practice and philosophy of OM and provides guidance for people to explore connection and consciousness through this practice. Clients must have their own experience which includes finding their own OMpartners. We support them while continuing to uphold the integrity of the OM practice.
  • Coach may not arrange OMs for
  • Coach may not provide an OMer’s contact information to another person to facilitate OMing (even if theOMer has given permission).
It is important that a Client learn the philosophy of OM before they ask someone to OM. Just as when learning to play chess, Clients should know some of the principles, rules and techniques before seeking out a partner. Clients will ultimately be selecting an OM partner or partners from among their friends, acquaintances, or relationship partners. Coaches offer support and provide guidance in how to have those conversations and have the Client feel confident in sharing the OM practice with others.


Coach Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that I have received, reviewed and understand the ECC Code of Conduct and agree to the following:
*That there may be changes to the information and policies within the Code of Conduct.
*ECC may add new policies to the Code of Conduct as well as replace, change, or cancel existing policies.
*I will be notified in writing about any Code of Conduct changes and must abide by those upon presentation.
*It is my responsibility to read and comply with all policies included within the Code of Conduct.
*At ECC’s sole discretion, ECC may terminate Coach’s contract if Coach violates the Code of Conduct.


Should Coach have questions concerning the Code of Conduct those should be addressed to the director of operations.