Agnieszka has been studying Eros for seven years. She has been married for five years and has focused personal sovereignty in her relationship with her husband. She has learned experientially how to embrace a sense of womanhood without compromising herself in a relationship.

She is passionate about her friendships with women and the importance of them in a woman’s life. Agnieszka feels that sisterhood is the backbone of a fulfilled life and lives the feminine truth that all power is shared power.

Agnieszka has a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and has held positions such as personal assistant, student coordinator for the Unconditional Freedom Project nonprofit, and as a OneTaste Certified Coach. She has the ability to meet people precisely in the location they find themselves and intuit the hidden aspects of them and the keys they need. She is a salt of the earth, soulful being who feels like home and hospitality when you work with her. The courses she specializes in are OM Training, Art of Soulmaking, and Art of Intimacy.