Caryn holds a certification from OneTaste as a Coach and OM Trainer. She has a master’s degree in Public Health in Biomedical Informatics. Caryn lost her mother when she was young and was always looking for someone or something external to fill the void. She followed the path that she thought would lead to happiness – prestigious job, nice house, relationship – but even with these external signifiers of success, felt like something was missing. She eventually stumbled on Orgasmic Meditation, which opened the path of Eros and brought her the intimacy with life that she had been craving.

Moving on from a successful career in research and tech, she changed her focus to coaching so that she could help others find themselves and access the deep healing she had found through this path. She uses her empathy and deep listening skills to guide others on the path of Eros and creates a safe and loving space to draw out their brilliance and self-possession.

In addition to OM training, Caryn specializes in guiding people through Art of Intimacy, Art of Justice and Art of Addiction.