Raised in the South, Courtney searched for a sense of freedom at a young age. This search took her in many different directions and study of various cultures, food, spiritualities, travel, and what the body and mind can do through different practices. She received her BA in Middle Eastern Studies from University of California and a MPhil in Sociology with a concentration in Race, Ethnicity and Conflict from Trinity College, Dublin.

After studying the atrocities of human rights violations in places like the Congo, the Middle East, Bosnia and Herzegovina, she began to look more at how humans treat each other and how changing the world and the world around us starts from within.

Since 2018 she’s held a certification through OneTaste as a Master Level Coach. In addition, she’s the Creative Director of BlackBox Studios, a cultural creative nonprofit entity under the Unconditional Freedom Project and a writer of the curriculum the Art of Power and the forthcoming book it’s based on.